Sculpture passed to be underestimated, compared to painting, to occupy a growing place in art.Its gradual creation of space, parallel to its material dispersion does not prevent that other lines continue to maintain the closed block as Maillol or Arp, or opened, in the manner initiated by Rodin and deepened by Julio González. As part of this freedom, Pascal Plasencia chose a realistic line with a high degree of abstraction that infuses the figures an humanity away from naturalism and also full of humor.Each of them seems surrounded by a specific atmosphere, as if they had been surprised in a moment of his own daily life. Women, some of them with a tail on their head, which can remind the female figures of the Italian school of Arturo Martini. The one of the mirror, that  who walks with the dog, the other out of the mouth of a large fish, a female nude lying happily on the floor, one on top of a column-modern stylist – ,the girl sitting at the table with a bird and that one, sitting with her hair in the wind. Among the sculptures of man, the pipe smoker, the soccer player with his balloon, the bassist, the two men with their coats watching the sky, the other one flying with his bag, the man sitting on a suitcase with a thoughtful, another with an umbrella and hat, some reliefs with personages in many different situations, and a dog, probably the dog of the artist. Realism, but with an imaginative vision that approaches and away from us, as is characteristic of artistic creation.These are sculptures with well-defined international air modernity. His research is summarized in various formal aspects and contents, all done with great rigor and quality, and what is essential, the result of the creativity of an artist who wants to move on according to his own feeling.

 J. Corredor-Matheos
Art critic
Barcelona, in April, 2005

Text translated by the Catalan, published in the catalog for the exhibition in Sala Parés (Barcelona, Spain,in May-June, 2005)